Midtown Peace Love & Wellness Music Festival

March 18, 2017


Experience a day of FREE family fun at Midtown's Peace Love & Wellness Music Festival on Saturday, March 18 from 12-4pm. Groove to the hippest live street party music, visit eclectic health and wellness vendors, stretch in an outdoor yoga class in the Yoga Zone, and taste the yummiest organic and health inspired food and drink. The kiddos will have tons of fun in the Kid Zone - complete with percussion tent, live music, entertainment, & art and movement activities.

Free ample parking onsite
Bring your yoga gear







www. moskaproject.com
Moska Project's sound is a unique fusion of Latin Reggae/Rock spiced with Caribbean flavor, Instrumental intros and danceable beats. Moska Project’s entertaining live shows and their original sound has earned them a loyal following and the opportunity to perform in a number of Music Festivals around the country; sharing the stage with artists like 311, G-Love, SOJA, Tribal Seeds, The Original Wailers, Yellowman, Julian Marley, Pato Banton, Taking Back Sunday, Collie Buddz and many others.

Grace & the Victory Riders combine world flavors and rhythms with pop song writing and a message of social consciousness. Grace is a singer-songwriter who has been influenced by her travels all over the world; she has lived in Africa, India, Jamaica, North America, and Europe. Her journey eventually brought her to Paris, where she first gained a following. Her band played more than 150 concerts in France and her album Hall of Mirrors went Gold.


Bring your yoga mat and stretchy gear and join in on one, or all seven of the 30 minute yoga classes guided by local yogi's. The classes are outside and designed for all levels and abilities. Class descriptions are below.

Timeslot           Teacher                 Studio
12:00                Karen Burnett         Yoga Palm Beach                                    
12:30                Peter Palladino       Yoga Palm Beach           
1:00                  Jill Romano             Thrive Power Yoga                              
1:30                  Jill Romano             Thrive Power Yoga         
2:00                  Chris Eliades           P.L.A.Y Yoga      
2:30                  John Brown             Palm Beach Athletic Wear & Yoga      
3:00                  Angela Pantaleon   Wisdom Yoga
3:30                  Lisa Day                  Lisa Day Yoga & Pilates

12:00-12:30pm   Street Party Yoga
Teacher:             Karen Burnett
Class description:
Come practice under the sun with Karen Burnett, owner of Yoga Palm Beach. Everyone is invited to enjoy a light and flowing class full of creative energy designed to leave you feeling happy!!!  Karen takes you through a unique blend of athletic and intelligent yoga postures to challenge your body, sharpen your mind, and brighten your spirit.  Kick off your shoes, put on your shades and be in the moment.

12:30-1:00pm   The After Party Yoga
Teacher:           Peter Palladino
Class description:
Take your practice down to earth with Peter Palladino. Get off your feet and get grounded as you transition from your standing yoga practice to the best seat in the street. Slow down, paying attention and listening to your body, to your mind, and to the MUSIC. Peter will guide you through specific postures to unfold and create new space in your body.  Enjoy each detoxifying release for as long as you like, and take all the peace you can home with you courtesy of Yoga Palm Beach.

1:00-1:30pm     Intro to Thrive 1 Class
Teacher:           Jill Romano
Class description: Join Jill Romano, owner of Thrive Power Yoga, for an intro into our Thrive 1 class. Practitioners will be clearly guided through foundational yoga postures focused on  opening and strengthening different areas of the body.  Looking to deepen and explore your yoga practice? Options will be given to progress into intermediate transitions and variations. Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, you can expect to breathe, sweat and move in this creative all-levels power yoga class.

Jill opened her studio in December 2012, recently expanding into Thrive Power Yoga in August 2016. Thrive offers a curriculum of over 30 synergistic yoga classes each week, some of which even offer childcare! This mindful approach to whole body wellness balances cardio, strength, flexibility and deep connective tissue work to help you THRIVE in your physical and mental wellbeing. Expect thoughtful and creative classes, clearly guided by experienced instructors. Jill's goal is that you simply FEEL in her classes. Feel the movement, the breath, the connection, the emotion, both positive and negative, all while exercising your body and mind.

1:30-2:00pm     Intro to Yin-Yasa
Teacher:           Katie Falconer 
Class description: Join Katie Falconer to slow it down with an intro to Thrive's Yin-Yasa. A perfect way to release and restore on an even deeper level after the Thrive 1 intro class. Practitioners will be guided through gentle seated and supine yoga postures designed to create openness deep within the connective tissues. Expect to close your eyes and surrender to the softer side of Thrive.

Katie found yoga in 2002, eventually becoming a teacher in 2012. As a senior instructor at Thrive, she mentors newly certified yoga instructors, while teaching vinyasa and yin classes at multiple studios in the area. As a certified herbalist, she also owns an organic skincare line, Wild Hair Herbals which is carried at local studios and boutiques. When you attend Katie's classes, it is her goal that you feel challenged yet accomplished; powerful and ready to fly, in your own individual way.

2:00-2:30pm     Intro to P.L.A.Y
Teacher:           Chris Eliades
Class description: P.L.A.Y. is a practice similar to a traditional yoga practice in the essence that there are many postures in sequence with a main focus of breath awareness, while in each pose as well as in transition from one posture to the next. In the practice of P.L.A.Y. however there is no expectation of physical performance and a deeper understanding that we are really here to have fun moving and breathing on your mat. This light hearted mindfulness practice is a great way to develop healthy habits on your mat that transition into how you live your life.

Chris Eliades has been connected to yoga for 6 years. In this time he has studied to recieve 500hr RYT and a LMT license. His most recent intrest is in Vedic Thai Yoga Massage Bodywork with the Vedic Conservatory. In the years of his practice Chris has come to understand yoga isn't something you can do, but yet yoga is a lifestyle. With P.L.A.Y. (Peace, Love, Awareness, Yoga) as his philosophy he encourages a light hearted lifestyle living and practicing with a smile!

2:30-3:00pm     VINYASA
Teacher:           JOHN BROWN
One class was all it took. After my first practice, I developed a deep love for yoga and its seemingly never-ending benefits. I believe in using yoga in order to develop not only the physical body but also quiet the mind and deepen the relationship with the Self. Iyengar trained with a background in functional movement, injury prevention and strength training.
Class Description: You’ll challenge your boundaries in my class as we focus on extreme detail to alignment and movement quality, with a specialization in inversions, arm balances, and overall strength.

3:00-3:30pm    WISDOM VINYASA
Teacher:           Angela Pantaleon
Class Description: An intuitive celebration of various styles of yoga practice which incorporates and synchronizes a wide variety of asanas, and pranayama: A beautiful connection of movement and breaths focusing on the universal principles of alignment.  This is a Vinyasa series that activates the chakras from the root to the crown, melting away stress and creating space for strength and flexibility.  A true dynamic mix of both sweat and spirit: An uplift of Prana (Life Force).  This flow will torch calories, toning and balancing body and mind, leaving you invigorated, relaxed and aligned with your inner wisdom.

Angela is a certified yoga instructor with training in Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Gentle & Restorative and is also trained in Yoga Therapy, Thai Yoga Body work, Reiki, Breath Work and Crystal Healing. Her practice is strongly influenced by the tutelage of highly acclaimed master teachers. She is continually training and updating herself in the practice which is a constantly evolving process of learning. As an active Yoga Therapist, she focuses on the physical healing by helping her students find their own inner strength and balance while concentrating on the prevention of injuries. She is an advocate for holistic healing, healthy nutrition, meditation and teaching yoga as a healing practice. In addition to her devotion and knowledge of yoga she recently completed another 200 hour training of Kali Natha yoga graduating at Kashi Ashram in July 2014.

3:30-4:00pm    POWER & EASE
Teacher:          LISA DAY
Trained as a Forrest Yoga teacher by Ana Forrest, Lisa Day additionally draws from years of working with joint issues and injuries to design classes that build strength and flexibility, create ease and space in the joints and release tension in both the mind and body. Known for her warm smile and positive energy, her classes are empowering, fun and accessible to students of all levels.  

Class Description: 
Forrest Yoga
Release tension and restore vitality in your neck, shoulders and back with Forrest Yoga. Learn how to free up your breath, build strength and connect to the foundational support of your core, legs and feet so that you can carry your head, neck and shoulders with more lightness and ease. 

About Forrest Yoga:
Designed by Ana Forrest, Forrest Yoga is a healing, powerful style of Hatha yoga, designed to address modern-day issues - both physical ailments such as low-back pain, neck and shoulder tension and over-worked wrists - as well as emotional strains such as stress and anxiety. Accessible to all levels, Forrest yoga uses a gently heated room, intelligent sequencing,  core work, and longer pose holds to generate heat in the body allowing it move in an easeful, pain-free way. It is an inspiring yoga practice that builds flexibility, intelligence and strength while helping deepen the relationship with your authentic self. 


ercussion Petting Zoo
A percussion petting Zoo is a hands-on activity that introduces the young and young-at-heart to percussion instruments while setting possible pathways for future musicians. It features HUNDREDS of exotic percussion instruments from around the world.

*LIVE MUSIC COMMUNITY will be performing on the kids stage.
*MACARONI KID arts and crafts
*COOL BEANS Face Painting
*GYMBOREEMini Parachute games



Fresh Nation

18|8 Fine Men's Salon

Antonio Designs

Big Dog Ranch



City of Palm Beach Gardens

Cool Beans Indoor Playground & Café

Crunch Fitness


Cycle Bar Palm Beach Gardens

Dr Freeze

First Alternatives

Fish To Make a Difference.org


Health Care District of PB County

Holly's Natural Products

Iconic EyeCare

Isogenix Healthy Fit Bodies

JFK Medical

Karma Calender

Kekki Chiropractic and Living Young Essential Oils

Kool Karma Bracelets

Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County

Life Recovery of the Palm Beaches

Lighthouse ArtCenter


Macaroni Kid

Midwife 360, Blessed Births and First Light Doula Services

Moska Project Band

Off the Mat Clothing

Orange Theory

Palm Beach Athletic Wear & Yoga

Paradise Swimwear

PB Athletic Wear and Yoga

PBC Department of Environmental Resources Management

Percussion Petting Zoo

Perfect Solutions

Perfectly Posh

Project Green USA

PRP Wine International


Spring In Roll Out


The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness

The Woodhouse Day Spa 


Thrive Power Yoga 

Thrive Yoga

Trio Sweets


Veggie Love

Wet Nose Pantry

Whimsy Crown

Wisdom Yoga Wellness & Skin care

Yhing's Things

Yoga Palm Beach



GIVEAWAY - 150 trees to

give away!

Visit the Native Canopy Education Program's booth at the March 18th Midtown Peace Love & Wellness Music Festival on March 18th and take home free native trees or shrubs. Palm Beach County residents will be offered their choice of two native trees or shrubs per household, while supplies last. If you arrive after the plants have been distributed, or you simply prefer to pick up plants later, grab a voucher for two free native trees or shrubs, to be redeemed at specified nurseries. The Native Canopy Education Program is a joint initiative of Palm Beach County Department of Environmental Resources Management and UF/IFAS Palm Beach County Cooperative Extension Service.
For more information about the Native Canopy Education Program, visit http://discover.pbcgov.org/erm/Pages/Native-Canopy.aspx.



Dogs will be up for adoption. They are also accepting donations of old linen and yoga mats.- www.bdrr.org




Rock in Roll Out - Vietnamese

Veggie Love - Organic Vegetarian

Christopher's Kitchen

Blaze Pizza


Bonefish Grill

J. Alexanders

Dr. Freeze (ice cream)

Saito's Japanese Steakhouse




18/8 Fine Men’s Salon - Free men's clean-up's outside the salon.

Palm Beach Athletic Wear & Yoga - Mini aerial classes

Core Evolution - Mini classes trialing the Megaformer machine

Theaology - Mini blow outs outside the salon

JFK Medical - giveaways for kids

Iconic Eyewear - giveaways

Gymboree - Parachute time for tiny tots

Dr Freeze - New ice-cream parlor


Festival Organizer
Belle Forino